The Nature of Our Work

Client engagements vary widely, but could include any of the following:

  • Initial Interviews with management and/or key employees;
  • One to three days of coaching in a "retreat" setting;
  • Private one-on-one coaching for those in management;
  • Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly coaching sessions;
  • Management retreats or planning sessions;
  • Negotiations with conflicting parties.

As your coach, we bring your issues and concerns out into the open where they can be properly addressed. Much of what goes on within a company is ignored, hoping it will improve "someday" or "when we have the time or money to handle it". Typically, these are the very things that result in ineffectiveness.

The length and nature of a coaching engagement depends on the circumstances in your company and the intended outcome. Some projects require only 2 or 3 days of work, while others require attention over a period of a year or more. You can expect us to be responsible, diligent and professional in tailoring our approach to your specific requirements.

We work directly with the concerns of your company -- those that are current and the challenges of the future. Our coaching is designed to get you beyond the problems, patterns and blind spots of the past. It shifts your focus and actions to become consistent with your vision for the future of your company. With coaching, you are able to produce better results -- by drawing improved performance from your whole team!

Areas of Emphasis


  • Evaluate the nature and quality of company relationships
  • Identify and resolve self-defeating behaviors, attitudes and actions
  • Create a true "partnership" relationship among all members of the company


  • Identify communication patterns that disempower
  • Teach the elements of effective communication
  • Empower leaders to create a safe environment for open, sincere and meaningful communication


  • Create a powerful company vision and purpose
  • Create an ideal customer profile and the scope of products or services
  • Develop key objectives and translate them into tangible projects
  • Coach project teams on the successful completion of their goals and objectives


  • Distinguish between a team of champions and a championship team
  • Establish a company culture
  • Align all employees on the company vision and purpose
  • Facilitate a shift from a "me" attitude to an "us" attitude


  • Evaluate and energize business development strategies, systems and procedures
  • Develop company and individual marketing objectives and implementation strategies
  • Coach professionals to create powerful customer relationships and deliver superior customer service


  • Identify individual attitudes about company finances
  • Align principals and executives on a commitment to financial viability and integrity
  • Develop financial policies and practices that maximize revenues and cash flow and minimize costs through the more efficient use of resources
  • Jump-start organizations to eliminate non-value-added activities and focus on activities with a high return on investment


  • Identify specific areas that rob people of aliveness and vitality
  • Coach individuals on overcoming self-sabotaging patterns
  • Clarify individual purposes and commitments
  • Build relationships that nurture and empower
  • Facilitate a shift from defensiveness to one of cooperation and continuous improvement


  • People actually want to come to work
  • The level of teamwork is championship-caliber
  • You are admired as the leader
  • Extraordinary profitability is the norm

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