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"I want to say thank you for the work that you and Unshackled Leadership Co. have done with our company…The three-day retreat that you facilitated for our management team was a turning point for our organization. Any outstanding issues among the members of the management team were resolved and for the first time in a number of years the management team is aligned on a vision for the future. The work conducted for our subsidiary in New Jersey was equally successful. Issues that had developed between the two companies during the integration process were resolved. After the two-day session I followed up with the staff who participated. They all said that they felt as if an enormous weight had been taken off of their shoulders. Our company has taken a huge step in the right direction. A solid foundation has been laid on which to take Seastar to the next level and beyond."

        Ken Lewis, President and CEO
        Seastar Chemicals Inc. - Sidney, BC Canada


"Scott, I would like to acknowledge you for the profound effect you have made on our Company and its leadership. The result of the Management Team retreat with you in March, your coaching over the past nine months, and guidance for our Launch Event last week, is a tuned on, enthusiastic, joyous group committed to our new vision. The silos that used to exist with the separate business units are no longer there. The leaders now talk straight with one another, and with their associates. The vision, purpose, and culture that you helped us create will keep us all on track as we go into the future with excitement and confidence. We will double our business in five years as a result of your teaching's on how to think, speak, and act. It is difficult to express in works my deep sense of gratitude to you for all your work with us over the past nine months. I can confidently tell the world that Scott Hunter is a winning coach on a winning team. It is comforting to me that our organization has a coach with a winning tradition that will be with us as we grow into the future."

        Gary R. Benjamin, President and COO
        Champion, Inc. - Iron Mountain, Michigan


"All I can say is WOW, what a difference a few days can make! ...I knew we had the foundation of great people but something was missing that I was just not able to provide....Your off-site retreat really created a "Breakthrough" here at Eibach; we are an entirely different company. As individuals, we are more enthusiastic, passionate, compassionate, understanding, respectful, caring, and most of all empowered to "Create" the best possible relationships with everyone we meet!...I want to express my deepest appreciation...for the time you spent with Gary and I as well as the entire team...It really made a profound difference here at Eibach. We look forward to a continual relationship with both of you in order to continue creating the best possible world here at Eibach."

        Greg Cooley, President
        Eibach Springs - Corona, California


"It has now been over 6 months since we met as a group in Phoenix and undertook your "Designing the Future" process….After three days of listening and talking, each and everyone of our management team felt it was the best three days they had spent with the company. The relationships among the management team are now very strong and the communication is honest and open. The barriers that existed prior to the retreat…have been exposed and dealt with. The creation of our Vision, Purpose, and Culture Statement has proven to be very beneficial not only to management, but also to all of our employees. The follow-up sessions that we held with the employees gave us the opportunity to explain how we want everyone in the company to interact with others. I believe that the employees were pleased to be a part of this process and were delighted with the opportunity to provide their input. I would highly recommend your company to others… "

       Michael W. Wells, President
       REI Real Estate Services - Indianapolis, Indiana


"On behalf of the shareholders and myself, I would like to thank you for what you've done to help us transform our firm into a cohesive, focused group that is now wholly aligned on a purpose, with a clear vision of the future, and that is communicating effectively and 'straight' with one another. …I've never experienced a situation like this where a consultant has come in and done exactly what was needed. …Our communication with one another has improved dramatically, far beyond expectations. We have learned so much from you …"

        Patricia Lane, Director of Administration
        Hinchy Witte Wood Anderson & Hodges - San Diego, California


"Among the many things I have to be thankful for is meeting Scott Hunter. He changed my life with making me understand the concept of "speak into existence your own reality" -- which I have adopted as my own personal life statement. Those are the six most powerful words I have ever heard and I am continually amazed at the power of the concept. Thanks."

        Vito Peraino, Senior Executive
        (at a major insurance company) Ohio


"The firm has been given a positive process for our daily personal relationships at all levels of the firm that in use has dramatically reduced the personal upsets that shut down productive contributions to the firm by those in it. For myself, I have learned from Scott to listen hard for the good--not the bad--in others, and I am learning that there will never be a substitute for having direct conversations with people as the way to address issues and problems."

        J. Michael Mahaffey, former Managing Partner of
        Kleberg Law Firm, P.C. - Corpus Christi, Texas


"I can't tell you how pleased I was with your extraordinary efforts and the results of the most recent session of our firm retreat... I held out the hope for some time that all of my partners could talk among themselves if we just gave ourselves a chance. With your instruction, guidance, and, yes, even patience, I think we succeeded admirably. I look forward to working with you in the future."

        Thomas L. Davis, Esq. Locke Reynolds Boyd & Weisel
        Indianapolis, Indiana


"I think it was very fortunate that we hired The Hunter Group when we did, because we really would have been in bad shape..., floundering around trying to figure out what to do to save money, get more money in the door, and get people doing the jobs that they do best and out of the jobs that they don't do well at all. You've helped us reorganize our organization in a way that was very beneficial to us. It's now set up so it runs more like a business. In getting the owners out of management and letting the people who know how to manage be in management, it's helped the firm to be stronger, more secure, move towards getting out of debt and move towards more prosperity when times are real tough for law firms."

        Keith Walden, President
        Spray, Gould & Bowers - Los Angeles, Tustin and Ventura, California


"On behalf of the partnership I would like to thank you for the extremely valuable assistance, particularly insights and coaching, you have provided to the partners, associates and other staff members of the firm since we commenced our relationship back in November of last year. You have provided us with a vehicle for better communication with one another. You have assisted us in developing new approaches to the management of our practice and our interpersonal relationships with one another... We believe we have taken many steps to improve Cummins & White as both a profitable business and a better place to work... I do believe that our outlook for the future has been enhanced."

        James D. Otto, former Managing Partner of Cummins & White
        Los Angeles and Newport Beach, California


"I want you to know how much I benefited from your consulting services. My last meeting with you was almost a year ago and to this day, many of the ideas and systems which you suggested are still implemented on a regular basis throughout my office. My complete staff are working in alignment with our mutual goal as an ongoing key objective. Financially, the results are quite incredible and I have no hesitation in recommending your services to any legal practitioners who wish to improve their practice and their lifestyle. Once again thank you very much for all of your caring and attention."

        David Hirson, Esq. Hirson, Wexler. Pearl & Stark
        Irvine, California


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