Meet the team of Unshackled Leadership Co.


Scott Hunter, President

Speaker • Business Coach • Author

Scott Hunter’s keynotes and coaching have been transforming organizations for 30 years. A graduate of The City University of New York and The George Washington University School of Law, Scott has been an entrepreneur and business owner for over 45 years. He was also an adjunct professor at Western State University College of Law, where he taught courses on the principles of business and personal success.

Since the late 1970s, Scott has been researching what it takes for people to produce extraordinary results in their personal lives and careers. Through his studies, Scott realized that the ability to create rich, meaningful, quality relationships is key to accomplishment and just about everything else a person wants in life. Until people know how to create such relationships, they cannot fully achieve their goals, including their business goals.

This insight led Scott to apply what he learned about relationships to his work in the business arena. In the last 23 years, Scott has conducted over 200 corporate retreats for groups as small as 2 and as large as 44, consistently producing breakthroughs in the participants’ relationships with each other. This has predictably produced dramatic shifts in the company’s level of accomplishment and has been key to making work work.

As a consultant and coach, he has worked with over 150 corporate clients in working arrangements lasting just a weekend to as long as 10 years. As a speaker, Scott has delivered over 1000 speeches. He has the rare ability to touch people’s hearts – and turn those emotions into practical action; to rattle cages and challenge the status quo – then provide a roadmap for audiences to follow; to discuss broad life values – and connect them to work-related values. Business leaders turn to Scott when they are looking for breakthroughs in enthusiasm, productivity, and profitability.

Scott is the founder and CEO of Unshackled Leadership Co., a team of individuals committed to providing organizations with unique tools, strategies, and resources for the development of extraordinary relationships and teamwork in the workplace.

Amanda Bolivar

Business Coach

Amanda has trained and coached thousands of individuals for over 15 years to create extraordinary results in their professional and personal lives. She has lead hundreds of seminars and workshops and has had speaking engagements that have empowered individuals with the right tools to create powerful and effective environments both in their careers and in their personal relationships.

The breakthrough programs that fundamentally anchor her coaching style have allowed her to support several thousand clients to set the foundation needed in creating powerful breakthroughs in their communication with colleagues, employees, family members and friends.

Her coaching ability empowers individuals in committing to take responsibility for their actions, giving them a sense of conviction to go after what's most important to them, to excel in team environments and live life to their fullest potential.

With a BFA in the performing arts from Western Kentucky University, Amanda fulfilled her lifelong dream of becoming a professional dancer and excelled in this career for over 10 years. Her focus then shifted towards an even bigger purpose of passionately supporting others to achieve their fullest potential and to simply create a business life and a personal life that is truly amazing.

Amanda currently resides just outside Chicago, and through her dynamic coaching style, she continues to be extremely effective at powerfully generating results for companies, individuals and families throughout the US and Canada.