Creating an Extraordinary Organization:
The Mindset of Leadership

People work to live. Work is the place where they spend the majority of their time. Yet, according to the latest Gallup poll, only 30% of American workers are satisfied at work. An alarming 70% are either “checked out” or “actively disengaged.”

This is all very unfortunate because personality conflicts, power struggles, unspoken hidden agendas, misunderstandings, people not feeling appreciated or understood, and turnover all negatively impact a company’s bottom line, as well as robbing people of the aliveness they want at work. With such circumstances, how are companies to plan for and adapt to the many dramatic changes they continue to face?

An organization’s leader must provide that elusive quality called leadership. Most people think that leaders are born rather than made. That simply is not true. Leaders demonstrate an ability, which can be learned, to powerfully speak and listen in a way that engenders hope, confidence, and enthusiasm in the people within the organization.

In this program, you will learn the fine art of leadership and how to create a working environment that nurtures and supports people to be creative, productive and profitable. Topics to be included are:

  • The nature of a paradigm and how it dictates our attitudes and behavior
  • The source of the conversation we live in and how it impacts or world view
  • How to listen so that people have the experience of being heard
  • How to use language to create the most empowering environment possible
  • How to best provide leadership for your team

Duration: this program can be offered in any format, from a one hour keynote to an all day workshop.

"You put it together in a way that had made sense to me. That our thinking creates our emotions. And everything that we do is a product of our emotions." - Kevin


"My little business has continued to grow. My goals have been: to double the sales of this company every year...and that actually happened last year." - Jamie


Creating an Outrageously Successful Organization

The world is changing rapidly, and our businesses are too. Regardless of your company, function or title, you're dealing with a global economy, communicating via e mail, people of different cultures and a constantly changing playing field. With all of that going on, are there tried and true, timeless, unchanging qualities that if you master, success must follow. The answer is: yes!

So why don't most companies fulfill on their potential? Because we have been taught, as leaders, to believe a number of things that are simply not true. Like if you know the right things to do and do them you'll be successful. Or, if you are really smart and work hard, you'll be successful. Or, it's who you know or just plain luck. None of these things are true. They are all myths. We're looking for downtown Chicago with a street map of Detroit.

In this highly interactive program, attendees will learn what it takes, year in and year out, no matter what is happening in your business world, to have an outrageously successful organization. They will discover that success has very little to do with what you do, what you know and how hard you work. Truly successful leaders understand certain principles and use them to outperform the competition. These will all be discussed. Topics to be covered include:

  •   There literally are "laws" in the universe that determine the success of your organization
  •   What these laws are, how they work, and how to use them to produce the results you want
  •   Why it's important to have a vision, be congruent, and have integrity

Duration: this program can also be offered in any format, from a one hour keynote to an all day workshop.

This program has also been presented as:

  •  Creating an Outrageously Successful Sales Force
  •  Creating Outrageously Effective Customer Service
  •  Creating Outrageously Effective Relationships 

"It made me realize we should focus on the good things in life." - Brian


With any of Scott’s programs, your attendees will gain an appreciation of themselves and additional insights that will have an immediate impact in their lives, their companies and in all of their relationships. They will leave your meeting excited about themselves and the future of their organizations and profoundly appreciative of what you have done for them.

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