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The 2015 Roadmap to Success 9-Month Program

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and SELF-SABOTAGING BELIEFS holding you back!


Dear Voyager on the Road of Life:

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Do you remember the last time you got a new car? I’m sure it came with an owner’s manual and you spent some time reviewing it so you could understand its operation. Same with the last computer you got, or the latest phone or even the latest vacuum cleaner. Everything complicated seems to come with an owner’s manual.

But what’s the most complicated thing we all receive that doesn’t come with any kind of owner’s manual? You guessed it, a life and how to apply that to business! When you arrived, or any time thereafter, did anyone give you a manual explaining how life works? I’m sure not.

It's like we are driving our car down the road with our hands on the rear view mirror! Is it any wonder we keep hitting the wall? If you’re reading this, the great likelihood is that you would like to have something, perhaps many things, be different from the way it is but you really don’t know how to make that happen.

Here’s the good news. There is an owner’s manual for your life and business ...

... and it’s really not all that complicated. There are only a handful of principles that if you understand and implement you can indeed steer your life and business in the direction of your dreams and eliminate permanently the frustration that comes with not having that happen.

Do you want a better job or a job at all?

What about a relationship? More money?

Greater peace of mind? Happiness & joy? 

Improved health and overall well being?

More customers? More sales? More profit?

Improved teamwork? More overall success?

You can have all of these things! The first step is to just understand the principles. The next step is to implement them... The real challenge is implementing the principles correctly. That is why I created:

The 2015 Roadmap to Success 9-Month Program


9-Month Discount Bundle - 1 Payment of $423 $347

3-Month Discount Bundle - 3 Payments of $141 $127

Monthly Package - Only $47 Per Month

Dear Scott,
I so appreciate what you do and how you coach/help people. Your program has educated and inspired me tremendously! I am on my way to a more fulfilling life where I can use my gifts and access to wisdom to give back and enjoy myself, others, and life joyously! You are a living example to me and you have helped me create a much clearer vision, way of thinking, and application.

You are very, very, good at what you do and I enjoy listening to you! I wish you would create CDs or an app for smart phones of your program and more! I would also love to know what is next for you and what I can do to support your plans.

Katherine France

I really enjoyed the class. Probably the most important of the lessons is the importance of a razor sharp vision. If you observe anyone in life that is successful, clarity of focus is the key attribute.

I think I am a more positive person now. I try very hard not to pass judgment anymore. I try to see the gold in everyone.

-Mike Durant

Thanks for sharing these concepts which are surely rocking my world. I consider you one of my life coaches and I want to tell you that your effect on me will have effects on many others who consider me one of their coaches.

-Bill Becht

If you want to have 2015 be your best year ever and the year you begin to have the things you truly want, I invite you to give yourself the gift of being part of this 9-month online coaching program. This program includes monthly coaching calls and unlimited access to personal coaching via e-mail directly with me, your personal success coach! The first call will be during the second week in January and will last for about an hour. There will be sufficient time for all of your questions to be answered. The monthly calls will then continue during the second week of each ensuing month. You can participate from the comfort of your home or office, from any place in the world. If you miss a call, it will be recorded for you to listen to at your convenience. Each call will end with a specific assignment for you to work on before the next call. If you have any questions between calls, I’m just an e-mail away.

In this program you will learn:

  • Create a personal owners manual for you to use for 2015 and years to come,
  • How to tap into your personal power to get what you want,
  • The right mindset for success,
  • The biggest mistakes to avoid so you stay on track and avoid the blocks that can derail you,
  • Action steps and how to's to make 2015 your best year ever!

Join Now & Get Your:

The 2015 Roadmap to Success 9-Month Program

9-Month Discount Bundle - 1 Payment of $423 $347

3-Month Discount Bundle - 3 Payments of $141 $127

Monthly Package - Only $47 Per Month

Dear Scott,
I have gotten much from our program. I am stepping back from day to day operations. There are new and exciting things to pursue and I want to ride the wave. I have fired some employees who were not in alignment with our vision. We are going to roll out an updated vision in January.

On my birthday I bought a new car for myself. I never really let myself have a luxury car. I never ever enjoyed driving a car. Now I love driving my new car and I revel in it every second. This was a huge breakthrough for me.

I have changed my way of thinking about “work life” and “home life” as well as “personal goals” and “professional goals.” I have ONE life. Now I think and act that way.

Worrying about money, or worrying about anything, was a big issue for me. No longer! I don’t worry about anything. I take things seriously and I am analytical but I have turned down and almost eliminated that internal hum inside of me. I am living my life in the now.

I stop and listen to people…really listen. People really are great. I accept people for exactly who they are and exactly who they are not. People are important. We are one.

All at once, I am responsible for the life that I have. There is no place to get to and no place to be. I am here and now. I am who I am. All’s well. I have decided to live in a friendly universe and I say that with a peaceful smile on my face. I am grateful for the beauty of creation. I continue to notice everything. Life is good. I am already living the life of my dreams and I know that it only gets better and better. How’s that for a conversation?

John Gartland