Unshackled Leadership Co. is a leadership development and training company that focuses on helping small to mid-sized organizations succeed by making things better at work for team members and managers. Unshackled Leadership Co. provides retreats, strategic planning, workshops, coaching and books/products based on the principles of Unshackled Leadership. The company founder, Scott Hunter, regularly speaks at trade associations, businesses and other clubs/groups on these important topics.



Clients We've Worked With


The Unshackled Leadership approach changes the way people think. Why?

Because people who are successful think differently than people who are not. Successful people make conscious and wise choices, create relationships based on trust and respect, have a clear sense of purpose, take responsibility for their actions and live with grace and ease.

This philosophy frees business leaders and others from the constraints of conventional thinking that has resulted in mediocre performance and self-limiting cultural patterns and replaces that thinking with the management style of Unshackled Leadership.

You can find out more on how to eliminate self-constraints and be a top performer with my successful Roadmap To Success Program.

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"The relationships among the management team are now very strong and the communication is honest and open. The creation of our Vision, Purpose, and Culture Statement has proven to be very beneficial not only to management, but also to all of our employees."

Michael W. Wells, President
REI Real Estate Services
Indianapolis, Indiana

"Thank you for what you've done to help us transform our firm into a cohesive, focused group that is now wholly aligned on a purpose, with a clear vision of the future, and that is communicating effectively and 'straight' with one another."

Patricia Lane, Director of Administration
Hinchy Witte Wood Anderson & Hodges
San Diego, California


What Others Had to Say


"The three-day retreat that you facilitated for our management team was a turning point for our organization. Our company has taken a huge step in the right direction. A solid foundation has been laid on which to take Seastar to the next level and beyond."

Ken Lewis
President and CEO


"Scott, I would like to acknowledge you for the profound effect you have made on our Company and its leadership. We will double our business in five years as a result of your teaching's on how to think, speak, and act. It is comforting to me that our organization has a coach with a winning tradition that will be with us as we grow into the future."

Gary R. Benjamin
President and COO

"All I can say is WOW, what a difference a few days can make! As individuals, we are more enthusiastic, passionate, compassionate, understanding, respectful, caring, and most of all empowered to "Create" the best possible relationships with everyone we meet!"

Greg Cooley



The Unshackled Leadership philosophy teaches people how to make things better at work. They learn how to have fabulous relationships, be outrageously successful and create extraordinary organizations.

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